Redefining Type A


Quicken & Quickbooks proficient as well as a slave to detail, I’ll manage your books with expertise. As a liaison to your accountant, I’ll make your tax time smooth and easy. A financial assistant with a nod to the day to day routine of your business makes me an affordable business manager.


Finding your unique style and applying it in a simple, easy fashion is a special skill of mine. I’ll put a new spin on that old dresser or find the best shabby chic dining room chairs in time for your next soiree. Dread moving? I can help by orchestrating the minutia into miracles. From finding boxes and movers, to creating a workable floorplan, I’m your extra pair of hands, sent to save you time and money.


Files, closets, storage units and garages are my tetris playground. I’ll whip everything in place, designed with your logic so you can keep your office and home ship shape. I’m happy to share my Type-A love for cleanliness to get your office or live/work space in order.

“Pat Caldwell is the real deal. Utterly organized and with a keen eye for detail she is the right call for many types of assignments. We primarily employed her as a bookkeeper and she was first rate. We are looking forward to utilizing her skills in future organizing tasks----that way we know it will get done, and done right!!” - Jay and Denise G.

“Pat cleaned for me after I’d had my son. Her homemade mixtures of environmentally-friendly cleaning products are affordable and were safe to use around my newborn and menagerie of pets. After we rehabbed our studio, we called on Pat to organize a garage space for us. Now we easily locate everything from holiday decor to the smallest wrench!” - Heidi K.

“From her design expertise to her mad organizational skills, Pat implemented her stylistic sense of calm and focus to our home office and studio space. Her gentle demeanor and dazzling work ethic truly made our home sparkle.” - Adria D.

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Pat Caldwell is Redefining Type A: creative maven, insane workhorse, ultimate organizer, solid listener, speedy multi-tasker, integrator of disciplines, baker of chocolate chip cookies and - one heckuva smart lady.

Text Pat at 323.454.3828

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